Powder Coating – Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Early, late or weekend pick up and delivery depends on availability.

Can you powder coat plastic parts?

Since Powder coating is a baked-on process, it wouldn’t withstand the heat. In some cases, Cerakote is a good application since it’s baked at a much lower temperature.

Do I have to have the tires off the rims to have them powder coated?

Yes, we do not have the ability to remove tires and remount them. Any weights or sensors need to be removed also.

How much does it cost to powder coat wheels?

If you have an extra set of wheels and just bring them in to be powder coated, it usually takes under two weeks. Since most wheels we coat are on your daily driving car, you can set up an appointment with us, then make arrangements with the tire company to have your wheels removed, bring them to us first thing in the morning and we can usually have those back to you by the end of the day.

Can you match powder to paint?

There isn’t a match over from paint to powder. If you can pick your powder first, it’s a lot easier to match paint to powder, than powder to paint, since powder has to be matched in a lab and paint can be matched at your local paint store. We do have one of our companies that has over 7,000 powder colors to choose from. We do have a company that can custom match powder to paint but it usually takes 6-8 weeks along with the color match fee and minimums on orders.

What gloss level is powder?

Powders differ in gloss levels from 95% gloss to 10% gloss. We do have some ability to add more or less gloss to most powders.

How do you charge for powder coating?

It depends on the thickness of the metal, and what we are coating. Most pricing is done by seeing the product or print you need powder coated.

Can you powder coat aluminum?

Yes. Most anything that can be heated to 400 degrees can be powder coated.

Do I need to have my firearm disassembled when I bring it in to be Cerakoted?

Yes. But if you don’t have a gun smith we have one we work with.