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Custom Powder Coating

Are you looking for custom powder coating?Pro Powder Coating is your expert in the field!Check out the custom Vintage Copper powder coat we did for Timberleaf Trailers! Powder coating is a partially cured resin in which we add your...

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Don’t Miss these Family Events in Grand Junction

Summer is not quite here yet, but Pro Powder Coating is ramping up for a year of activities in the community! Take a look below at some of the upcoming events we're proud to support, including the JUCO World Series, Chrome & Brews Car Show & the Vintage...

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Grand Junction’s Leader in Agricultural Powder Coating

Agricultural Projects Our Projects Powder Coating for Agricultural Applications You work hard! And that means your equipment works hard too! Which means you need protection that works as hard as you do to prevent corrosion and wear. With Pro Powder Coatings knowledge...

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What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a coating primarily for high temp applications and firearms, but has a lot of other uses. It is a ceramic based coating that goes on very thin (1/2 to 1 MIL) but is very tough. It has a chemical resistance to just about everything you can put...

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If You Can Paint It, We Can Coat It For A Better Looking Finish.

Powder coating is a safe alternative to paint.

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