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Pro Powder Coating is your expert in the field!

Check out the custom Vintage Copper powder coat we did for Timberleaf Trailers!

Powder coating is a partially cured resin in which we add your choice of color pigments. This fine powder color is then applied to conductive parts with our electrostatic spray gun then your items are then placed in our oven (the largest on the Western Slope). This completes the cure cycle and turns it into a hard, decorative finish/powder coating.

The functional purpose of powder coat is that it provides long-lasting protection adding a barrier between the metal and the oxygen around it to protect your projects from corrosion/rust. Powder coat creates a strong shell that is much more durable than paint and designed to perform in extreme industrial and automotive circumstances. 

The aesthetic purpose of powder coat is that you can choose from an almost unlimited amount of colors, textures, gloss-levels, etc.

What can we customize for you? Campers, trailers, tools, equipment, grandma’s patio chair, whatever your project we can protect it for years to come!

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