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Powder Coating for Industrial Applications

When you need a product that will provide durability for your industrial processes and requirements. Look no further than Pro Powder Coating!

Our constant attention to detail allows us to offer a wide range of services, with the highest quality standards.

We have the flexibility to work with a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.

Provide a durable long lasting finish to products you come in contact with every day.  Field Machinery that’s put through the roughest treatment or household tools you count on.



A more durable than paint with an attractive finish.  Not only does it look nice it’s TOUGH and last a LONG time!

Powder coated resists damage from:

  • impact,
  • moisture,
  • chemicals,
  • ultraviolet light,
  • extreme weather conditions.

Plus it reduces the risk of:

  •  scratches,
  • chipping,
  • abrasions,
  • corrosion,
  • fading,
  • and other wear issues.


We have experience with high volume coating, whether it’s parts, tools, or components to your specifications.

From Moab, UT to Rifle, CO and all the in between places like Grand Junction and Montrose we’d love to be  your partner in protecting the industrial products you need to last.

With the experience and ability to apply the coatings you need, from powder or high temp to Cerakote Firearms coatings, our processes are tailored to deliver you with a consistent, quality finish in a timely manner.


We have one of the largest ovens in Western Colorado measuring 8′ Tall, 8′ Wide, and 19′ giving us the ability to cure large objects or parts that others can’t handle.

GEt Started

You can get a free powder coating quote online – just describe what you want and upload a photo along with dimensions.