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Pro Powder Coating was proud to be part of the Delaney Firetruck Build.

For those that we’re never blessed by meeting Delaney, let me introduce you…

Delaney Clements was a local girl who at the age of age years old was diagnosed with a type of cancer that affects the sympathetic nervous system, stage 4 neuroblastoma.

This little gals endurance and strength united the Mesa County community, and rallying behind her, they raised money to help her fight her battle.

In reply and in true Delaney fashion she formed the Delaney Donates foundation in 2012 to support those in her community suffering from all forms of cancer.

The granddaughter of a retired Grand Junction Fire Department Battalion Chief also received much support from the Grand Junction Fire Department who adopted pink department shirts during October 2012 and sold them with proceeds going to the Delaney Donates foundation.

What followed in 2013 almost couldn’t be matched! That following year ALL 11 Mesa County fire departments followed suit and donated to Delaney’s cause, but that’s not all…

The Central Orchard Mesa Volunteer Fire Department went even farther and donated a fire engine for the purpose of creating a pink “Delaney” fire engine in order to promote Cancer Awareness.

After more than 400 volunteer hours, community donations, business donations and the support of the Plateau Valley Fire Department the ‘Delaney Firetruck’ was unveiled in September that very same year.

Delaney Janea Clements danced on March 21, 2016, but would be proud to know the Firetruck is still in use today.

We have a special place in our hearts for special projects, whether it’s your dad’s old pistol, your grandma’s favorite patio chair or a pink firetruck, you can trust us.

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