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Can You Powder Coat Plastic?

While you can powder coat almost any type of material, an objects ability to withstand the heat of the ovens is key to powder coating and the main reason you shouldn’t powder coat plastic.

This applies to many materials like, rubber, wood & MDF, but as long as the object you are applying powder coating to is made out of a material that can survive the high temperatures generated when baked, it can be powder coated.

During the powder coating process, every piece that is powder coated is then placed in our bake oven where it is exposed to temperatures of more than 400 degrees, which rules out a wide variety of materials…

There is experimental technology available that allows you to powder coating wood or plastic which have been very successful, but according to powdervisioninc.com

it relies on some especially large fluidized piping tanks (which are not at all readily available yet), it is still an expensive process, which makes it not particularly attainable or economical for most applications.

Things to keep in mind when considering if powder coating is right for your project:

  1. Make sure your object is made of products that will survive the high temperatures of the bake oven. Pro Powder Coating specializes in coating metals. Steel, aluminum, cast iron, cast aluminum, zinc and stainless steel are the most common.
  2. If your part has any rubber or plastic pieces attached to it, you should see if you can remove them before dropping them off.
  3. Our ovens are HUGE which means we can handle almost any size project however, there are a few limitations you should keep in mind. You can review their dimensions here:

For more information about powder coating your next project, contact David and the team at Pro Powder Coating today.