How Durable is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an innovative way to cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated melting the powder into  a shell that protects your surface from moisture and contaminants.

  • Powder coating can chip: Powder is durable and flexible, but it can still chip and crack if not handled carefully. Much more durable than paint, but not invincible.

What Can I Powder Coat?

  • It’s not for every material: This is the perfect application for metals and most woods that can withstand the heat, but it’s not for all surfaces.
    • Wood: Some woods may be too delicate to withstand the heating process required for powder coating,  however most are perfectly suitable.
    • Metal: Automobile & boat parts are the most common objects that are coated. Almost any metal object is safe for powder coating.
    • Plastics: While most plastics melt when exposed to high temps there are some that can withstand the process.
    • Ceramics: Most ceramic objects are totally safe for powder coating, and is perfect for ceramic electrical system insulators.

Will it hide damage?

  • Powder coating doesn’t hide all flaws: This is not a the solution to repair gashes in your object.

Is It Safe?

  • YES! Powder coating is a safe alternative to paint. Here are a few reasons why:
    • No VOCs: Because powder coats don’t need a solvent to bind, they produce a negligible amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially when compared with wet paints that are applied with a spray system.
    • Less waste: Powder coating lasts substantially longer than traditional wet paint, meaning that it requires less frequent retouching and repainting. Your powder coat helps to mitigate waste by making the paint removal process easier.
    • Prevents spread of undesirable elements: When applied to metallic surfaces, powder coats form a strong barrier that can prevent heavy metals from leaching into soil and water. Additionally, you can count on powder coated boat components to keep rust out of your favorite waterway.

Powder coating makes the most of your assets:  Keep them looking great for years to come. Let our techs provide you with a long-lasting solution that will help protect your assets.

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